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Filtering calendar by student

I have 6 children.  How do I filter the calendar by student?  All I am seeing is courses splattered randomly on a calendar.   I would think that a parent would be able to say - I want to see child A's schedule, from morning to afternoon...and in a simple way... then child B's schedule, etc.    Does that functionality not exist?  And if not - WHY?

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It is seriously painful to try to figure out what my kids have done and still need to do today. Past days are easy. actual same day requires too many clicks in the app and on the website. Neither has a simple way to see progress on the current day. Trying to print a calendar view from website of one kid's courses isn't possible. It mixes the 2 kids so some of each kid's classes are missing. On the app you can sort calendar by kid, but then there's no way to print an easy checklist. Developers need to put themselves in the parents' shoes and see why we need to be able to see status at-a-glance!!

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I agree, I am a new parent/observer, and I hate that I cannot see my kids' calendars separately. I do not want to toggle and then un-toggle each kid's subjects to see his/her calendar. It is also not a real solution to give one kid one colour and the other one another colour, it is still confusing.  I want to see exactly when kid nr 1 starts and ends her day, and then I want to be able to do the same for kid nr 2.