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Observer/Parent Make it Better

It would be a really neat feature to allow Learning Coaches (i.e. parents/parent/guardians/mentors/etc.) to have an ability to respond quickly, directly, and efficiently while in a Parent Canvas observer account (not mobile app). The ability to reply to specific teacher comments made over specific assignments when on the Grading page for any particular class, could enhance an understanding of a students ability to grasp a lesson assignment/lesson meaning.
Or if that is too open ended, a pull down menu of pre-described comments LC's want to make to the teacher, like "Student understood.", "Student struggled.", "Student needs additional help.", "LC struggled with the lesson too." (LOL). "LC directs the student to contact the teacher directly." You get my drift. Or just a radio select button where LC reviewed assignments with students, anything really that is easy to see, easy to connect, easy to navigate, and easy for a teacher to see how involved the LC is or vice versa.
Just an element whereby the teachers and LC's have a way to know and/or see/measure involvement better.
Kind of like an on-going parent/teacher conference is 10 second bites over the semester.

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I am the Parent of Johnny Psiroukis Jr. 

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Community Coach

Hello there, @donotnomuch ...

It sounds like this would be a good candidate for a Feature Idea request here in the Canvas Community.  This way, others here in the Community could add their comments (for or against), and it would also give people to evaluate the idea.  Instructure (the company that makes Canvas) uses Feature Ideas as just one of several ways to gather feedback about the needs/wants of their customers.  In order to create a new Feature Idea, first click on the PRODUCT menu from any screen here in the Community, and then select IDEA CONVERSATIONS.  On the screen that follows, click on the "Suggest an idea" button to get started.  Here are a few other helpful Guides that you should look through as you are creating your new idea:

I hope these resources will be of help to you.  Let Community members know if you have any other questions about this...thanks!  Take well.