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Parent Observer, The "Report a problem" feature is not showing up in my canvas "help" menu

Here's the issue I am trying to report since I have read other issues like mine and they are all told to go "report" the issue to canvas because it sounds like it's acting up.... I have had a canvas parent account for years because 3 of my children have taken courses over the summer to get ahead.  I have ALWAYS been an observer.  However, this year I logged on and it shows I am observing those 3 children but shows no content except all of their PAST course work from summer school.  I went through each student and got a new pairing code and decided to try to readd them to my account.  It said "pairing successful" but nothing changed, not even the current list of accounts I observe.  I added my 4th child(the only one who has NOT used Canvas before) and her classes show up!! What the heck is going on? I was feeling incredibly blessed that I already know how to use Canvas but we are going on 3 weeks of school now and I can not see anything 😞

Please help

@shell did you ever get your similar issue resolved? I looked for your post gain from Aug and couldn't find it

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