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Parents, What is your opinion of Canvas?

Would you say it's working well for you? It's our first year using it so just curious what others think about it? 




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It's been the worst year trying to understand this program. I don't understand anything and doing a tutorial isn't how I learn!! I need a human being to explain and I have reached out to several people with very little understanding. The teachers have know put me on the "do not like list and do not want to hear from me". I have communicated over and over again in the beginning of the year. Frustration of trusting my daughter saying she turned her work in.... to not seeing anything or proof. Teachers not correcting fast enough which i understand it is a lot of work to do... But I am not getting the answers fast enough to understand where my daughter is and if she needs the help.  It is too late to get her help by the time I understand what is going on. Is she doing good work??? I don't know. The teachers don't want to hear from me anymore.


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What happened to simple email, drop boxes, etc.? I am having a difficult time reaching the teachers. What am I missing?

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I hate Canvas with every inch of my being.  Ive in digital media for past 25 years and I have never experienced something so poorly developed.   I hope that someone at Canvas reads this as you are making the parents, teachers and students lives a living hell. 

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While students, faculty, parents and communities have frantically tried to maintain a normal learning environment outside of the schools physical walls due to a centennial pandemic, Canvas hasn't lifted a finger to improve their software - or even fix year old bugs that have direct effects on learning and grades! This company would never survive if they couldn't make some backroom deals with school districts whose superintendents are too stressed out/ uninformed on how to evaluate what good a LMS looks like. Even in the face of major competitors on the market. I doubt if they will be able to stay in business much longer like this, but by the time they are 1) our of business, or 2) made drastic improvements in UI, kids have already dropped out.

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To parents who feel they are too "stupid" to get it: please know, it's not you. You're being gaslit by an educational system that doesn't know how to evaluate what a good LMS looks like. Good software is intuitive and informative. Canvas is neither.

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I hate it, its a nightmare. Not parent friendly at all. I hope they figure out something else. My children's grades are seriously suffering because I cannot access the information on a normal basis.