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Students not appearing on dashboard

2 of my children that I am "observing" (smh) aren't showing up on the dashboard.  The only way I can see their classes is to go into Courses and then select "All Courses".

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I have the same issue.  I am trying to observe 6 children, but feeling the interface is a little less than user-friendly.  

I'm thinking I just want the basics - select a child - are they, or not, caught up on all their assignments?  If not, click for more details...

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I figured out how to resolve this.   Click on COURSES and then scroll to the very bottom and select ALL COURSES.

You should then see all of the courses your children are taking.   Then - click the star to the left of each course.   Once you have them all selected - and in my case it was around 40 courses in total, you can navigate back to the dashboard and you should see them all there.

Then - you're going to want to give each course a nickname... like CHILDNAME - Course.  

Then - you're going to want to re-order them all so that they are grouped by child.

The main issue with the entire canvas website is that the changes you make don't appear to be saving immediately.  It looks to be taking some time for the changes to propagate throughout whatever databases that are being written to behind the scenes.   So don't be surprised if it looks like some or all of your changes didn't save properly.   Eventually you should see them as you want.   But that doesn't eliminate the extreme frustration this all causes. 

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I totally agree. It is very tideous and complicated to go through a ton of card view classes to find which class for which student you are looking for. You should be able to click the students name and the classes should be listed. Not all listed in any order for any student on one page! Hope canvas fixes this!

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This is ridiculous! Canvas, separate student’s information!!