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Submission Failure

We have been trying to solve my daughter's Canvas issues for over a year. For every assignment, she submits the assignment per the standard submission process. For every assignment, she will get the submission receipt which shows "Submitted!" with a date and time as well as a "Resubmit Assignment" will appear. Many of these submissions never make it to the teacher and the teacher will show the same assignment as missing and it will also show as missing in my Parent Observer account. The school insists there is nothing wrong with Canvas. There is definitely something wrong. For every assignment, in addition to the Canvas submission process, we have to email the assignment and the submission screenshot to the teacher in order for to get credit. The school has gone as far as to claim that my daughter is "doctoring" the screenshots, which is absolutely ridiculous. We are emailing every assignment the day it is due, so zero reason to doctor anything, even if we knew how to do such a thing. All I want is for her Canvas account to work. Oh, and she cannot email the assignments to her teacher because her emails will not send to her teachers with attachments consistently, so I, the parent, has to send them all. Please help!!

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This was our first term in canvas and we had this issue w 2 of our 6 classes. I also took screenshots of the same thing after the teacher said, "oh, I'm suuuure you watched her do it 3 times.." in dripping sarcasm. 

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Community Coach

This definitely sounds frustrating, and I wish that Canvas Community could offer more help. This sounds like a user-specific issue or bug that needs some extra TLC from Canvas Support.

When you've reached out for help before, did you find either of these links helpful?

Student/Parent Support: 

 I-SS Remote Learning Support - Google Docs


Has your daughter used the Support Ticket system within Canvas? With this, the district-level support could then escalate the ticket to Instructure's Support Team for more insight.How do I get help with Canvas as a student?  and How do I get help with the Student app on my iOS device? 


Which type of device do you use for learning? I'm wondering if I could help with some basic troubleshooting, even though I'm not at your school or able to work with you directly.

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Community Coach


The was an update to the Canvas Student app for iOS recently (v6.9.8) which mentioned solving submissions issues. Can you see if this solves the app issue? Thanks! 

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Same thing is happening with my daughter. Almost none of here stuff is getting  through. And i cant get any help from canvas or her school. My daughter is about to fail the sixth grade because of this. Im about ready to go to the news station 

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I hope you were able to find some help with this issue. Does your daughter's device have the latest version of the Canvas Student app (v6.9.8) for iOS? Thanks. 

Nothing has been resolved!  Canvas doesn't reply to tickets! Her school gave her a chrome book.  But the end result is nothing no answers!!!

@Cjones88 Would you send us the case number for your interaction with Canvas support? We'd be happy to look into the ticket on your behalf.

The latest ticket is 07109074. Cant remember all the other ones

@Cjones88  Thank you so much for providing the case number. Our support supervisor looked into this and was able to determine that the support cases you submitted are still at your school. In other words, the school did not send them to Canvas Support. This is not uncommon, as many schools choose to use in-house resources to provide support to parent/observers and students. However, it does explain why you wouldn't have received a response from Canvas Support. 

Would you reach out to the local admin or IT department for your school to confirm that they have the tickets in hand, and ask them for any additional assistance you and your daughter might require to make sure this troublesome issue is resolved?