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parent app not secure

I want the parent app installed at my college, but IT say it is not secure and that a paired parent can view any students details on the course. Surely this is not true?

See their email response below

"The parent app was deployed and ready to use for a parents evening, several weeks ago. But it had to be removed due to safeguarding and security issues.

Effectively a parent has to create their own account that gives them observer rights.

Having these rights allows the parent to see their own children’s attendance, but also allows them to see every other student’s as well. Canvas haven’t provided a way to limit this access, so it’s too much of a risk at the moment."

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Hello @neildartnall 

The parent/observer app is secure and just as much as the teacher or student is. If you make an observer account you don't get free rein on seeing anybody's progress. Unless the school has something special (and strange) setup - this should not be an issue. Do you have someone in the course you want to observe? You can pair your account to theirs and theirs alone. Here is the Canvas guide:

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Hopefully these are helpful. 

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