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Canvas Parent Release Notes (iOS 3.0)

Canvas Parent Release Notes (iOS 3.0)

In this Canvas Parent update, the Courses page has been updated for accessibility and clarity. Individual course pages display grades, including course assignments and student scores, and may also display Syllabus, Front Page, and Summary tabs. Additionally, the Canvas Parent help menu supports institutionally customized help links.

Download the Canvas Parent app in the iTunes Store. Version 3.0 requires iOS 12.0 or later.

Updated Features


Courses Page

Course Grade Overview

The Courses page displays an alphabetized list of a student’s courses and current course grade. This update clarifies the course list and more clearly displays course grades for all courses.

Courses Page

Course Pages

Assignment Submission Details

Individual course grades pages display an assignments list with assignment submission and student score details. Additionally, if enabled, a course page may display Syllabus, Summary, and Front Page tabs. This update allows observers to easily view student progress, course assignment, and other course details. 

Course Pages

Help Menu

Customized Links

The Canvas Parent help menu displays customized help links. 


Institutions may choose to customize the help links available for users. This update allows these custom links to display in the Canvas Parent app. Help links can be customized in the full browser version of Canvas.

Custom Help Links

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Will this be updated with the next Canvas updates (Jan 18) or on a different day?

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