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404 message and cant upload my Power Point or Videos

I can no longer upload my Power Point presentations and recorded lectures. Things were ok until last week but this week, no go. I'm getting a 404 error message when submitting the file from my PC.  I think I have run out of space. A couple of things I do which may be causing this: 

  • I load my video lectures direct from my PC to weekly course module 
  • I load my Power Point presentations the same as my video lectures. 


Should the video lectures be moved to Studio or to YouTube then Studio?

Is it wrong or does it take up excessive space to load the Power Point presentations direct to modules? Is there another way? 

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Hello @PaulKatson ...

If you have access to Studio, I would recommend uploading your videos there for sure!  Studio has its own media server built for videos and audio.  Then, you can have Studio add in the auto-captions (fixing any mistakes you see after it has auto-captioned the video).  Finally, you can embed the videos into your course from your Studio library.  Doing it this way, you aren't taking up course file storage.

If you were to first upload your videos to your YouTube account and then bring the unique YouTube URL into Studio, Studio would not be able to caption it.  You'd have to add captions to your video directly in YouTube first.

Also, take a look at the bottom of your "Files" screen in your course.  Do you have much space left for file storage?  That is where your PowerPoint files would typically be located once you upload/add them to your modules or course content pages.

Let Community members know if you have any other questions about this...thanks!