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API Pagination Parameters - &per_page &page

Do you guys have any idea why these parameters &per_page=100&page=3

work here

but doesn't work here

i keep getting page 1 data

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Community Member

I don't quite know why it works for one and not for the other, but here are a couple things to look at that may help point you in a direction to help you accomplish what you're trying to accomplish.

First, I'd recommend reading through this if you haven't already -

When looking in the developer tools in Chrome, you'll see the response headers for the links are treated a little different between "Users" and "Enrollments." Users will give you a response with page=2, page=3, etc., while Enrollments gives you a response with something like page=bookmark:Ftss3dy2xsbWVu...

You can use that "page=bookmark:..." response to jump to the different pages, but you don't know what bookmark: you're going to get for specific pages.

Hope that helps a little.

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I kinda figured we're gonna have to take the long road on this one. I just went ahead with the response headers -> next links.

Thanks @meinhoka 


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