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Ability to remove late penalty from SpeedGrader?

I am overall pleased with the automatic late/missing deductions.  However, there are times I do not want to count a specific student late because of an excused absence. I can see the late penalty when I am in SpeedGrader, but I can't do anything about it there.  I literally write down a list of names who need the penalty removed and then have to make the changes through the grade book.  I would love to have those same options available to me right from SpeedGrader.

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I was thinking the same thing  @lpfister ‌. A teacher's workflow would be to be in Speed Grader and then be able to change the status from there.

Community Team
Community Team

Hi, Lauren,

I'm not sure if you've intended to submit a feature idea or create a discussion for collaboration.


If you intend for this to be an idea, do you mind copying what you wrote above and paste it as a new idea in Canvas Studio? And don't forget to add new_gradebook as a tag so it will show up for others to view in the list of existing ideas.

If it's a discussion, would you please clarify your topic as to how you'd like to have others respond?

Thank you!


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This seems to have been moved to cold storage.  Or, if there is a duplicate conversation, could you update it in the response above?

Hi Tom, I think this Idea covers the same request so you might want to vote it up. It is still active. 

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I have the same question, and I can't even change it in the grade book as writing the unpenalized score in simply results in the score still being penalized. I've tried fixing it by adding "fudge" points equivalent to the deduction or hand inputting a score that has the missing points added on, but neither of these work. The student's grade keeps going back to the penalized score.


I'm having particular trouble with a graded survey (worth one point to every student who completes it). I assigned the point to each student via the "fudge" point, as each question on the survey was set to zero points. But going back later and adding 0.3 points to the penalized students "fudge" score isn't helping.