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Acccessing analytics after user access has ended


I would like to access course and student analytics after the course end date has pasted. The analytics for my Spring 2016 courses are currently unavailable since the end date for user access was set to June 30th. I also cannot access speed grader for any assignment or discussion in all the courses that have concluded user access. I've tried to re-open the courses, but the system is not allowing me to do so.

Does anyone have a suggestion of how to access course & student analytics and view individualized student feedback in speed grader after user access has ended? Should a user end date not be set?



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Community Team
Community Team

 @sarah_martin ​, there are many permutations as to how course access can be set for sets of users, and for a general description of that, please have a look at the Admin guide, How do I use term dates, course dates, and section dates in Canvas?  Briefly stated, school admins have the ability to decide what users will be able to access what course information and for how long.

So without knowing how your school has concluded your courses and ended user access, it's difficult to answer your question. However, I want to clarify something. You've said that your school has "concluded user access." Can you still click on the courses and view the content? Can you still click on the Grades tab to access the Gradebook and view students' grades (albeit in a read-only mode)? If the answer to those two questions is "Yes," then I can give you guidance on how to access the SpeedGrader and the individualized comments for all assignments and graded discussions.

First, you might have to click on Courses in the global navigation, and then on All Courses, to find your past enrollments list. Scroll through the list until you see the concluded course. Then, click on the Grades tab in the left navigation. (I'm actually looking at a course that was concluded at the end of the Spring 2015 term, but remember what I said about those permutations--your mileage may vary.)

Now, when you hover over the header of any column that represents a graded assignment, a downward-pointing arrow will appear, giving you access to a dropdown menu. One of the options on that dropdown is SpeedGrader.


So you can still navigate to SpeedGrader from the Gradebook to see your students' submissions and the feedback you gave them.

Like you, I no longer see the button that allows me to view course analytics, so I can't help you with that part of your question. You might need to reach out to your school admin to get that access.

Hope this helps!

stefaniesanders​, Thank you for your help with accessing SpeedGrader. Yes, I can still click on all of my past courses and view them in read-only mode. I was able to use your instructions to navigate to SpeedGrader.

You're right that institutions vary in their protocols regarding length and areas of access. I've reached out to my eLearning department for help regarding the analytics. His initial suggestion was for me to reset the course access end date. Although I can view the course settings page, it is locked and cannot be modified. His planning to follow-up with me on Monday with additional suggestions.

Thanks again!

Community Team
Community Team

Hello,  @sarah_martin ! It's been awhile since we last heard from you, and I'm hopeful that you were able to resolve this with the assistance of your eLearning department. For now, I will mark this question as "Assumed Answered"; that will not prevent you or others from responding, so please take a moment to update the thread if you have more information to share. Thanks!