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Access Denied for Student Peer Review

I have assigned my students to peer review powerpoint presentations for two other students. Some of my students have stated that they are receiving an "Access Denied"message when they click on the Peer Review link from their To Do list. Could you please advise on how I might resolve this issue.

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Hi  @lsmileyratchfor  Welcome to the Canvas Community!  I cannot think of anything that could cause that behavior with a peer review assignment, and in fact I just tried experimenting with some scenarios.  Assuming that students could submit the assignment with no issues, to begin with, there's nothing that should be preventing them from doing a peer review.  Even if you set an UNTIL date on the assignment itself, that only applies to their own submission of the item to be reviewed; it does not affect their ability to DO a peer review.

You might want to check out some of the information conveyed in the "Peer Review Tips" PDF linked at the top of this lesson, which gives insights into how the TO DO list works (or doesn't!) with the peer review process, but that really only affects the display of the DUE DATE....not their ability to go into the assignment itself.  

Have you moved the assignment to a Module, perhaps?  Is that Module still available to students?  Perhaps it is locked now, whereas before it was not.  (Can you go into the assignment while in Student View?  Even though Student View is of no good for the peer review itself, you can still check to make sure they can even go into the assignment.)  Is the COURSE still available??  (Has the term ended? Has it gone past the END date as shown in the Canvas settings screen, or are students otherwise able to get into the course site?)  This may be a case to check in with Canvas support (Help>>Report a Problem) if you have checked into these items.

I hope some of these suggestions help solve the issue, Lisa.  Keep us posted!

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This past week I had students experience a similar issue with the link from from the Canvas email notification. Selecting the link pointed them to an 'Access Denied' page, not the assigned review.

Students who accessed the review directly from the assignment item did not have any problem with getting to the review.

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If this page is still being monitored, I am having a similar problem. Some students are able to access peer reviews with no issues, however a few are getting the "access denied" message. As above, one was able to access it only from the assignment item. Another was only able to access it from the email notification link and NOT the assignment item. One student is not able to access the peer review page from either source. 

Is this a browser issue? Cookies? My guess would be the item is configured correctly on my end because many students are getting in with no problems, but maybe there is something in the item I can change. 

 @rmbarry ‌, Canvas Support does not monitor conversations here, so if you haven't already, please ask those students receiving the "access denied" message to submit tickets (How do I get help with Canvas as a student?), ideally directly from the spot where the issue occurs.

A majority of my students had this same issue.  The email link gave them an 'access denied' error but they could provide feedback in Canvas itself.   Caused a fair amount of confusion so would be good if Canvas could address/fix.

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It's been two years since this was posted, and my students are having the exact same issue. Canvas clearly hasn't cared enough to address or fix the issue.


It's frustrating that the only solution to the problem is for students to put in a ticket.


For my students, accessing the assignment directly from the assignments section is not an option, as my assignments section is not open to them (it's  organized in a way that makes sense to me). I always link assignments to them on assignments, pages and/or modules, and of course most use their "to do" list to access because it's easiest.