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Is there a place I can get access to the native Canvas icons in graphic format?

- I've already found the discussions in instructions on using the  anchor class to call the icons, but that it a limited use case.   I'm developing a series of icons/ buttons for faculty to use in their courses, and it would be great to keep them consistent with the icons canvas uses for clarity.


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The Canvas icons are actually a font-family which are loaded, and are not images.  The fonts can be found in the source code.

canvas-lms/public/fonts/canvas at 112ad251e6245326347075c7333780820f0d954c · instructure/canvas-lms ...

Depending on the font file that you select you will need something to convert them from a font file to an image, although SVG is already an image.

I'm curious why not just use the classes and icons as they will already be loaded for your users and will not require an extra download or create new accessibility concerns.

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