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In the document on course copy/import ( ) it says "You only have access to copy content from courses from current or previous courses in which you are an enrolled user."  It doesn't mention the role the user might have had in the "from" or source course.  With permissions we can control who can copy content into a course, but apparently not what courses they can copy from.

On testing, I find that someone with a TA role in a course is allowed to copy the content from that course into their own course (as long as they have privileges to Import Content). On the other hand, someone who had a student role is not allowed to do such a copy. Limiting students makes sense. But it seems to me that a TA role should also not be allowed to copy content into a course where they are a teacher.

Is this behavior intended?  Is there any course permission we could use to limit which roles gives a user the right to choose that course to copy from?

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Hi  @Nancy_Webb_CCSF ‌ - This is something to go over with your local Canvas administrator, assuming you're not also that person! The short answer is yes, this is a default permission for the TA as well as the Designer role.  This and many other account-level permissions can be seen one the How do I set permissions for an account-level role? online guide, specifically by downloading the PDF that is referenced there called Account Permissions PDF.  I *think* specific permission allows this for TAs (and Designers) is the permission called Course Content: Add/Edit/Delete.  However--as that name implies--that permission carries with it significant other permissions that a TA or Designer will likely need.  

And that's the issue--and has been for a long time.  Canvas currently needs more granular permissions.  Fortunately, Canvas is well aware of this and you can keep track of updates here: Priority: Granular Permissions .

I hope this helps a bit, Nancy!

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