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We have an account role called IT_StudentWorker.  This role gives our student workers limited access to Canvas to help during off hours. We have one student worker who says she cannot access Canvas on weekends. Does anyone know if there is a feature associated with roles that can limit access to her admin account? If so, how can I check on it? We recently lost one of our admins who set up all the accounts and permissions for our Canvas conversion. We aren't sure how to check this our of if it's even possible.

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Community Champion

Unless you've custom done something, no, the admin roles have nothing that's time sensitive.  I'd look at one system the student is using weekday vs weekend, or authentication.  If she can't log in at all, then it's almost definitely authentication and you should be looking there, but as this is weekend vs week day, then I'm going to say the biggest possibility is that she has a password saved on one system correctly, and an old password at her home system, or something like that.