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Account-level Student Groups

I have a situation where there are communication holes since moving from Moodle to Canvas. To cut down the list a bit it is around communications with a cohort rather than a course, student news, student forums, etc.

I am hoping that there is a way to get most if not all of this functionality within Canvas. I came across Account-level Student Groups under People then Groups. From the brief description these would appear to be almost everything that we need, however I have not been able to find more details on what these groups do, what functions are available to these groups, etc.

My idea is to have a group per cohort.

Anyone point me to some detailed documentation on these or give me some more in depth information that I can take to the people requesting the functions.

Thanks in advance.

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi, ross.gailer Welcome to the Canvas Community! This blog post should help get you started: . Please feel free to post additional questions as they arise, and good luck!

Community Participant

From my investigations I have found that to manage who can post an announcement the group must be attached to a course and the appropriate people enrolled in the course. Itt would appear that this is the only way to remove the moderate permission from a person in a group, this permission looks like it is required to post announcements. If there is no course you can not assign roles and anyone can post an announcement.

Of course this means that there is additional enrolments for each user that would not normally be required and this has associated costs.