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Accurate Studio Insights


I recently discovered Studio Insights. I was VERY upset to find out only 3/27 students were watching lessons I am spending countless hours creating. I reiterated to my class about how important the videos were and that they needed to watch. A student had told me about something that happened in the video so I KNEW she had watched it. When I went to verify on studio insights it showed that she had not watched the video. SHE WATCHED THE VIDEO! There was no way she would know about what happened in the video without watching it. How accurate are these insights? I am very upset that an extra paid feature isn't giving me the correct data. I am not comfortable with using this data in meetings with parents, etc. Are their restrictions, etc? 

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I have instructors asking the same question at our institution. Have you heard anything from Canvas about this?

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My question exactly.  I can't find anything from Canvas tech support to explain the accuracy, or fallibility, of "Insights."  I want to be able to use this to track viewership (participation credit) of my online students and there are times it just doesn't work.  I've posted elsewhere on this forum about this and not heard any answers yet.

I sure wish the gurus behind the scenes would listen and make this a more user-friendly means of tracking viewership.  I have ideas as to how this could be improved if anyone's listening!


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