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Add Entire Class Function Not Working with Microsoft Teams

Good afternoon!

We are having a bit of an issue with the "Add Entire Class" function with Microsoft Teams.  Students can be added individually to a Teams meeting (the courses have been synced with MS Teams). After selecting the "Add Entire Class" option, we consistently receive the error message: We couldn't add the class. We had trouble getting the class information.


Nancy Webb

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I have the same issue, if somedoby has the answer please help us  

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Urgent !!!

we just found the solution.

if someone still have the same question please feel free to ask me 

Hi, we are experiencing the same issue as of today - can someone help please?


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you should go to your outlook admin profile, search for the groupe created for your course. Usually it has the same name as the course in canvas. The change the group's privacy so it can receive messages from external sources. then retry to "add all class" feature in canvas , it will surely work