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Add Imported Quizzes to a Question Bank

Sometimes I want to use questions from an imported quiz on another quiz.  Since I didn't create the question, it's not in my Question Bank.  I've had to recreate the question manually in the other quiz.  This is fine for the occasional question, but if I want several of the questions in other quizzes, I had to get creative.  If I wanted to break the quiz into several smaller quizzes, I would import it several times and then delete questions from the new copies so each was left some of the questions.  Today, I happened to notice that when I did this, my Unfiled Questions bank suddenly had more questions in it.  When I investigated, I found that all the questions I had deleted showed up in the Unfiled Questions bank.  I experimented.  I imported a quiz, opened the copy to edit, and deleted the questions (or groups).  All the questions (except Text (no question)) ended up in my Unfiled Questions bank.

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Update.  I returned to my questions banks at the end of the day and found hundreds of questions in my Unfiled Questions bank.  When I finished my previous investigation, I deleted the quizzes I had been using to test my theories.  All the questions from those quizzes found their way to the Unfiled Questions bank.  I didn't notice it earlier, because it seems to take Canvas awhile to get them there in bulk like that.

So, to get imported quiz questions into your question banks: import the quiz, delete the quiz, wait for the questions to show up, then move them to an appropriately named bank.

Hi  @clarson2 ‌, is this happening in a course level or account level? 

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Wow. This actually works. Thanks so much for sharing. 

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