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I created a new quiz. When trying to add to a module, it is not showing. I understand that new quizzes are listed under assignments, however it is not showing in assignments or modules. The quiz is published and the module does not have any requirements. 

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Just a guess.  We've been seeing some weird issues where things are not updating in Canvas.  The one I've seen most is for Assignments to remain not visible to students even after an assignment has been published, but I've also seen the same with Files and Modules, and a case where a Discussion was not showing up when trying to add it to a module; just like you are experiencing with a New Quiz.

The "fix" (work around really) is to do one or maybe both of the following:

  • Go to course Settings, Click on the Course Details tab and then click the Update Course Details button.  Usually this fixes it for me.
  • If not, go the same but this time go to the Navigation tab of Settings and click Save.  If that doesn't do it try altering your navigation just a little and Save.

I refer to the above as a "kicking the vending machine" solution, like when that candy just won't fall after paying and pushing the correct buttons.  I have not heard from Canvas acknowledging this issue but I've been seeing it enough times that I hope they fix it soon.


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