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Adding University-wide dates to Canvas Calendar

Has anyone explored the possibility of adding important dates for the entire university to Canvas calendars? Things like add/drop deadlines, dates to register for graduation, etc. To the best of my knowledge Calendar is only utilized through course-specific dates, but seems like there would be great utility in this feature.


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@dlindsey I was wanting to do this as well (per the requests of students).  You are correct that everything is driven through courses currently with the exception of the fact the each user can add stuff to their personal calendar.  I am working on two ways to get around this.  First, I added some custom js to our account so that on the calendar page, above the little calendar in the top right corner, I have a link to our university calendar.  While this does not help have items directly on the calendar, it does make it a little easier to get to the important dates. 

Next, we continue to have different little trainings that we require all students to participate in.  With COVID, all of these have been done through Canvas which has created the need to create courses in Canvas that all students are part of.  I am working to make this something that we continue to have (the course, not necessarily the trainings) and then I can use that course to post those calendar events.  You can think of it like an Institution Resource Course, with everyone enrolled that also has important dates on the calendar.

Just a thought though.  I have seen some Canvas Feature requests in the idea area about the ability to import Calendar events but not yet anything specific to an Institution Calendar.  I would vote for it though!


Community Team
Community Team

@dlindsey and @nwilson7 , we do have a long-standing idea conversation around this:  Account level calendar (and sub-account level cale... 

In addition, some of our members had success a while back with the solution depicted in this video, and I'd be curious to know whether that will work for your purposes.

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@Stefanie @robotcars Thanks for the resources! 

It would still be great if you did not need to know computer coding to accomplish this task (or many tasks).