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Adding a Course

Hello, I am trying to add a course that my student is enrolled in.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @mrsbrewer0712  , and  Welcome to the Canvas Community!

Could you please provide more details?

In reading your question, it appears that you are asking how you, as a teacher, can be added to a course one of your students is taking, but you are not currently enrolled in as a teacher.

If this is correct, then you will need to contact your school's Canvas Admin/Support department, and they can enroll you per your school's policy. I will add that for most schools, their policy will prohibit this for FERPA reasons and more.

If I am not understanding what you are asking, then please provide us with more information, and we will try again.


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Hello Kelley,

I apologize if I confused you. I am a parent. I show all the other courses for my child, but Math is not showing up for him on my parent side of Canvas.

Thank you,  @mrsbrewer0712  !

That clarifies this nicely, and I now understand that by "student" you mean your child who is a student. The Canvas Parent App, and parent access to Canvas for their students is not my thing, and I apologize for that, I work in Higher Ed, and we mostly tell parents to talk to their children, because we are prohibited by law from sharing the protected information of adult students.

Still, I will try, and hopefully someone more knowledgeable than I will chime in with better help.  I am not sure how you are access your students' course now, so will provide links to a variety of guides and related resources.

I hope this helps, and if not, then I also hope that someone else will come by with a better answer.


Community Contributor

Hello  @mrsbrewer0712 ‌. The information and links  @kmeeusen ‌ gave you should help you out. I don't know how your child's school is setup. Initially did you link your student's account to yours? I'm assuming that the school has you in Canvas with the role called, "Observer."See How do I link a student to my user account as an observer?‌ for more information.

If you don't get access this way, then perhaps the school needs to assign you as your child's "Observer" for the Math class. You might want to contact the school or your child's teacher. Also, make sure that your child's Math class appears for them on their Canvas list of courses.

I hope you get this resolved quickly. Thanks for posting on the Canvas Community.

Thank you,  @Sylvia_Ami  

That was very helpful!