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I would like to separate my canvas quizzes by groups, as I have a list of practice quizzes, a list of review assignments administered as quizzes (to be auto graded by a key), and  a list of actual exams. Having them under separate groups or headings within my list of quizzes would be less confusing for the students than one long list.

There is a "plus group" button in the assignments and in the modules, but I don't see one under my canvas quizzes interface. How can I add a new heading or group to my canvas quizzes?

Also, how can I change the order of quizzes in the quiz list? When I click on the three little dots to the right of each quiz, I am not seeing the "move to" option, only edit, delete, and share to commons

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The Quiz index page is organized by date and does not have drag / drop capability to change it.

Not everything in Canvas supports groups. Pages do not, for example. You can sort by clicking at the top of any column in Pages -- but that sort is temporary for you inside the browser and does not persist or pass on to other users.

What I would recommend doing is hiding the Quizzes page from the students and using Modules to link to them. Modules allow you to create your own order.

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