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Adding a space after self-enrolled URL, before period (on course Settings page)

Course creators occasionally accidentally include the period when copy/pasting the self-enroll URL, and less tech-savvy students may not know to remove it. I've already submitted a request on Github for this simple change, but it hasn't gotten any response in almost two months so I'm posting it here as well: 

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello there, @brandonsnyder ...

If I am reading your question correctly, it almost sounds like this should be submitted as a Feature Idea ... so that people here in the Community can review/rate it, and so that Canvas engineers know that this might need to be changed.  Here are some Guides to help you get started in the Feature Idea process:

Good luck, Brandon!


Community Member

Thanks! I actually did get a response on Github over the weekend from one of the maintainers, but I may still submit a Feature Idea here.