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Adding app through edu center

Currently we are at the end of creating LTI tool and we want to make it available in the canvas app center. So I singed up to the edu app center and add the app (Admin -> Apps -> Submit). But I cant see that app in the canvas app center when I logged in to the course. Not only that if search the app name in the edu app center, it does not come as search result.

Do I need anything more in order to show it in the canvas app center?

This is critical and urgent, it would be great somebody can quickly reply on this.


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Hi manjula,

Do you get any kind of confirmation after you click Submit?

I think the submitted apps are first reviewed before being added to the catalog and visible in Canvas. 

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manjula is marked as "Assumed Answered." Can you share what the answer was?

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I'm having the same issue/doubt.
How is the approval process for an App?

Our LTI app is still under development. We created the app in EduAppCenter. However, the app is not listed in the Apps lists and when I go to the admin section > Apps, I don't have any reply or status for the App.
Under the "Action" column I don't have anything (just empty).

The App is "Ready For Review"

I'll appreciate any help.