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Adjusting students grades in mass

I am trying to adjust my students' grades on a quiz. All students grades will be adjusted by the same number of points. I have found the "fudge points" feature on SpeedGrader, but I am hoping to save time by adjusting students' grade in mass. Is there a feature that allows for this?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello there,  @stephanie_kunst  Welcome to the Canvas Community.  Thanks for posting your question.  One idea I have for you would be to download/export your Gradebook so that you can work on it "offline", and then upload your changes back to your Gradebook.  Here are a couple Guides I found for you:

How do I export grades from the Gradebook? 

Would this solution work for your needs?

Community Coach
Community Coach


I don't know of a way to do that directly in Canvas.  You could export the grades, use something like Excel to quickly change the value of one assignment adding points with a formula, and then import those grades back in to Canvas.  

How do I export grades from the Gradebook? 

How do I upload changes to the Gradebook? 

Depending on your familiarity with Excel formulas and the size of your class; I'm not sure if that previous method would actually save any time.

An easier idea would be to just create an additional Assignment named something like "Quiz adjustment", set the point value to 0 and then use the Set Default Grade option to give everyone those points.  Since the assignment is worth 0 it works like extra credit, which should be the same as adding points to everyone's score on the quiz. 

Hope that helps,


Thanks, Rick! I hadn't thought about making an additional assignment worth 0 points as an option, though I've created them before as extra credit assignments. This is probably the fastest way to address the issue.

Thanks, Chris! I had thought about doing this, but I was hoping to avoid having to export/import anything. The resource links you provided are helpful, though. I'm sure I'll need to do one or the other, if not both, at some point in the future. Thanks for your time!