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Adobe Creative Cloud Integration

I am in desperate need of help with integrating Canvas and Adobe CC.  My understanding is that my students should be able to complete assignments inside Canvas.  My students are using Chromebooks and aren't allowed to install programs on them.  We are beginning distance learning and I really need this to work.  Can anyone help me?! I have been working on this for over a month and am getting super frustrated.

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Hello @lheard1 ...

Full disclosure, I am not an instructor (I am a Canvas administrator at our school), and I've not used the Adobe Creative Cloud integration that seems to be possible in Canvas.  In searching Google, I found this website: Admin guide.  Do you know if you're school's local Canvas administrator has configured this for you and the other instructors at your school?  This may be a conversation you need to have with your school's local Canvas admin or someone from your school's Online Learning/eLearning department.  Beyond this, I won't be of much support, unfortunately.  Hopefully it will be enough to get a conversation started with people at your school, however.  Good luck to you!

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It has all been done.  😞

Canvas people told me it's an Adobe problem.  Adobe told me it can't be done.  Finally found what we thought was the answer but no.  I am super frustrated.  Thanks for trying to help.