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Advantage to adding 'external app' to course

Hello all,

I'm unpacking external apps and LTIs here in Brookline, MA for our district, and I'm hitting a wall in my own understanding.

I know that external apps are 'accessible' via the 'V' (external tools icon) in the Rich Content Editor.  At the same time, if I'm in a course, I could click SettingsApps to access and then 'add' apps to a particular course.

My confusion/question: what is the value proposition of adding the app to the course in Settings over just accessing the app (and its content) via the in the Rich Content Editor when you want/need to add content?

Thank you for any insights/context/nuance you can provide.


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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @nathan_campbell ‌

Essentially, the apps that are found under the V in the RCE are already installed and ready to use by teachers and students. You can also find external apps that have been configured to display as course menu links.  You cannot add or activate APPs from here, only use them!

General APP info at What are External Apps (LTI Tools)? 

When you go to the Apps tab under settings you can:

  • View external apps that are already installed by clicking "View App Configuations".   You can also find this information by clicking the "Installed" link.
  • Also, on this page you can install new APPs from the "All" or "Not Installed" link. How do I add an external app in a course?
  • You can also delete apps from the list of installed apps.
  • You cannot use an app from the App Center in Settings.

Keep in mind that you can also install APPs at the account level and make them available to users in a variety of ways including adding to all course menus in an account or sub-account, or adding the to user accounts.

Here are some more help tool....

The ability to augment Canvas using external tools is one of the most powerful wrenches in the Canvas toolbox. There are more than 300 apps in the EduAppCenter, and many learning technology vendors will make custom apps for their products (often for a price) that will work in Canvas.

I hope this helps,


Community Participant

I appreciate this discussion. Adding apps to Canvas is very tricky and tedious at times, as each paid content provider and/or free provider is looking to protect their property. I am currently trying to integrate edulastic and their instructions are incomplete. For example, they never state whether to use Manual Entry or External Link to begin the integration process. Their directions show a screen similar to manual entry, but when I use that--no placement are enabled. Any ideas?

Hi,  @pecchiog ‌, so that we don't have multiple people answering the same question, let's keep your conversation going at .