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Hi! I had an assignment due on 4/7 (although in Canvas, it says there's no due date) and all my students were able to upload their submissions and I even reviewed some of their assignments in SpeedGrader with my students on zoom although I haven't graded the assignment yet. But then on 4/22, when I finally decided to open that certain assignment that all of them already submitted in Speed Grader to grade it, all of their submissions were gone saying, "This student does not have a submission for this assignment." I don't remember whether I did something last 4/7.

Does anyone here know the cause of their disappearance or what I did wrong ? and how can I recover those missing submissions? Please help me! 

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Hi  @epascua and welcome to the Canvas Community. I'm wondering if you've edited the assignment to set a new due date/availability date and while doing so, only made it available to specific students and not the whole class. If an assignment is assigned to a specific set of students, submissions previously made by other students will be hidden. Try opening the assignment for editing and check if the Assign To settings have a date for Everyone/Everyone Else or just some individual student names. If you don't see Everyone then click +Add and then add "Everyone". This will insert a separate Assign To box showing "Everyone else". You can then set an availability date for everyone. Save the assignment and you should then be able to see the previous submissions. If this doesn't work then I recommend logging a ticket with Instructure support (via the Help menu) who will be able to look at the assignment settings for you.

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