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Allow Sub Accounts to do their own nightly SIS syncing?

Our schools are setup in Canvas under a higher state-level entity. Therefore, we share an instance of Canvas along with several other schools across our state. This state-level entity gave our group "Sub Account" access in order to manage the manual modification of rosters, password resets, etc. Since our schools are on this shared instance of Canvas along with many other schools, we could only provide CSVs for an initial bulk upload to this entity (no regular syncing of our SIS changes). Whereas, if we had our own instance of Canvas, we would just sync nightly with something like Clever and call it a day.

My question is this: Is there ANY way this state-level entity (which manages the Canvas instance) could provide some kind of segregated access to our Sub Account to setup some kind of nightly syncing of our SIS data for *our schools only* (via SFTP, Clever, or otherwise)??

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