Allow only one student to resubmit an assignment after the due date.

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I can't find the answer to my specific question, and I'm hoping you all can help:

  1. A student misunderstood an assignment's instructions. I would like to give her another opportunity to resubmit.
  2. I do not want to give this option to any other students, as the due date has passed, along with the availability date. I would rather not have the assignment available to anyone besides this student.
  3. According to the Student view there is no Resubmit button, probably because of the passed availability date, which I do not wish to change for the other students.
  4. If I change the "Make Available To" setting to make the assignment available to only this student, will it wipe out the other students' submissions and grades?
  5. I do not wish to create a whole new assignment just for this student, for a number of reasons.

The Resubmission Guide that has been linked multiple times in other similar queries does not appear to be of help regarding my specific question. Thank you in advance!

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Community Coach

Hi  @agnirm ...

I'm not 100% sure that this will work, but give it a try...  In your assignment, edit the assignment, and scroll down to the "Assign to" area.  I'm assuming that you've currently got "Everyone" seeing the assignment with a due date and access dates.  Just below this information, there is a "+ Add" button.  Click that, and you should be see another "Assign to" area where you can just assign the assignment to the one student along with any dates.  In theory, this *should* allow the student the extra time needed to submit the assignment.  I've not tried this myself, but it seems like it should work.  Give it a try and let us know.  Thanks!

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 @agnirm , 

Chris may not have used it himself, but he's correct. This is the way it works.

Changing the availability does not wipe out the results. Canvas makes it difficult to remove any student submission. The only place I've found (I haven't tested everything) where student work may be lost is in a discussion when you allow editing. In that case, only the final copy is kept. Also, if you delete a student post, there is no easy way for the instructor or even the local Canvas admin to recover that post. Chat and external tools may act differently, but for assignments and quizzes made within Canvas, every submission is available to the teacher.

When you change the availability for a single student, it renames the others as "everyone else" and leaves them as they were.

The resubmit button will appear as long as current date is in the availability interval, which it will be for the one student but not "everyone else." Canvas allows resubmitting assignments and leaves it up to the instructor to decide what to do with it.

Quizzes work differently than assignments. There students are also limited by the number of attempts and possibly time limits. But for regular assignments, this is exactly what you want to do when you want to allow the student to make up the work.

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