Allow student to view assignment after due date but not resubmit with external tool (Matlab Grader)

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I currently use Matlab grader (as external tool) to create assignments in a course.  However, the configuration of Matlab grader is such that unlimited submissions are possible.

As a consequence I have two problems

1) even if I set the attempts on assignment as limited to 1, students can do multiple submissions while the assignment is launched. Has anybody been able to limit submissions by asking their admin to create a custom configuration for Matlab grader with a single attempt?

2) if I leave the assignment available after a due date so that students can go in and review their submissions, then they can submit again, which updates their original score even if it past the due date.  Anyone has a suggestion for a workaround that still allows students to go back and review their submission but not be able to re-submit?  Because this is an external tool, the submissions are not viewable in speedgrader.

Thank you in advance




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