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I am a rookie Canvas user.  Is it possible to set a quiz so that students can continue answering questions even after the time limit has expired?  Blackboard has this feature.

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In the instructor view of the quiz, there is a moderate tab.  On that tab you will see a list of all student submissions, and at the far right there is a moderate button.  You have options to add attempts, add time, remove time limits, and reopen the current attempt.  The student responses in reopened attempts will not differentiate the responses from before or after the quiz was reopened. 

If you want to use the timed attempt for the grade, and also allow students to take the complete quiz for practice, you can duplicate the quiz. Then go to the assignment tab, and select edit from the three dot icon of the duplicate quiz.  In the assignment settings that open set display: complete/incomplete, and points: zero, and check the box that says do not count towards grades.  When you save your settings the quiz will open, and in the settings built into the quiz you can set unlimited attempts.  Then put the two quizzes in the same module with the graded quiz first, and set the module requirements to require activities to be completed in sequential order.  (Or else leave the duplicate unpublished until after it is too late for students submit the quiz for a grade.)

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