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An enrollment listed a section and a course that are unrelated for user error

When running and import from my SIS I am getting this error: An enrollment listed a section and a course that are unrelated for user.  

I have crosswalk everything.  The course_id is correct in the course file.  The section_id is correct in the section file.  And the enrollment file has the correct course_id and section_id's.  I am at a loss.

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We have the SAME issue and have not found a solution to this. Have you found a solution? Our information is spot on. 

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I hit the same error using the file:


I was able to import successfully after deleting the section_id column:


Note that this course did not have any sections configured for the course, so that seems to be the issue. The provisioning report reported a section_id, but apparently the SIS import does not know about this for a course with no sections actually configured.


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