Analytics for individual URL links on page...How do I know if student has accessed the link?

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Is this possible?

I want to have 10 URL for students to review, put on one can I tell if they accessed the links?


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Hello  @wade1 ​...

I don't think there is anything built-in to Canvas where if a student were to click on a link that you created in a Canvas course page that it would register as a "click" in a report.  I tried this in my own sandbox course, and I couldn't really find anything similar to what you were asking.  The best thing that I could recommend would be to make a separate Module in your course and then make links using the "External URL" option when adding new items to your Module.  I know this is not what you were probably hoping for, but this way you'd be able to actually see what students are clicking on the links that you want them to visit.  To view access reports, you would go to the "People" page of your course, and then click on the name of a student.  Then, you would click on the "Access Report" button on the right side of the screen.  Look for the item name of the link that you created within your Module, and you'll see a number next to it which represents the number of times viewed...along with the last time the link was accessed by a given student.

Hope this helps, Michael!

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