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Announcement dates in a pickle - NaNundefinedNaN?


HELP! I'm trying to add announcements to the school dashboard and in the "announcement commences" and "announcement ends" calendar when I select the dates ... I get NaNundefinedNaN?

Any suggestions?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello there, @eileen_m_field ...

I assume that you are following the steps to create a global announcement following this Guide:

How do I create a global announcement in an account?

Unfortunately, I was unable to re-create the issue that you are having.  I tried populating the "Announcement starts at" and "Announcement ends at" date fields with actual dates instead of what you are seeing.  I would recommend that you reach out to Canvas Support to submit this as a ticket so that they can look into the issue more for you.  How do I contact Canvas Support? - Instructure Community 

Community Participant

Thank you! Yes, I followed all of those instructions. 

I did the classic, reboot, cup of tea (am based in the UK 🙂 ) and restarted from scratch. That seemed to sort it out. Where I am now though is stuck, with another sub account administrator who should have rights to make announcements but is being refused upload of any pictures to the announcement.  Any ideas to help her? (We've done the reboot with tea ... but  that didn't help this time!)


Hi @eileen_m_field ...

I am also a Canvas administrator.  Whenever I want to use images as part of global announcements, I always have to first upload them into my own user "Files" area of that's the only place I've found where global announcements can grab images from.  So, first try going here to upload an image:

How do I view my user files as an instructor?

Then, once the image has been uploaded to your user files area, go ahead and create a global announcement as normal...this time selecting an image that you've already uploaded to your user files.

Hopefully this will work for you.  Keep us posted...thanks!