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Announcement mail notification: not working?

Announcement mail notification not working. When we create a new user then it will send notification mail for user creation works fine in canvas. But, if we create a new announcement, then it does not send a mail notification for an announcement. Please advice how to fix that mail notification issue for announcement?

Also, pls share that root cause of that issue.Thanks

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello  @loydsmohan .  We ran into something similar with a few individuals earlier in the year.  In our situation is was because the instructor's notification preference for announcement was set to "do not send me anything".  Might this be what is happening in your situation?  This document explains how to set up notifications as an instructor, How do I set my Canvas notification preferences as an instructor? and this one how to set up notifications as a student How do I set my Canvas notification preferences as a student?.   

I hope this helps but let us know if this is not the issue!

Community Champion

To ericwerth‌'s suggestion, I want to add that for the creator of an announcement to be notified of that announcement, they must already be subscribed ASAP to the Announcement Created By You notification preference.

Community Coach
Community Coach

 @loydsmohan ,

Were you able to find an answer to your question? I am going to go ahead and mark this question as answered because there hasn't been any more activity in a while so I assume that you have the information that you need. If you still have a question about this or if you have information that you would like to share with the community, by all means, please do come back and leave a comment.  Also, if this question has been answered by one of the previous replies, please feel free to mark that answer as correct.