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Announcements - GRRRR

As I prepare for another new semester I'm once again faced with the ever-present, annoying, teeth-gnashing 'I can't believe they don't fix this' issue of Announcements. To defeat each announcement copied from an old semester I have to post-date each one to a neutral date (Dec 31st in my case). Then, I have to selectively locate the announcements and turn them back on when I need them. A simple 'flag off', 'hide', 'don't show', 'not yet', 'peek-a-boo' checkbox would work, no? I know the argument will be that it's basically the same UX (delay posting v. flag off), but new faculty will be surprised to learn that they need to go through the added contortion of juggling the calendar and post-dating announcements to a neutral date in order to simply hide them until ready. It has always seemed so illogical to me. Blackboard struggled with Announcements as well.They never could master the workflow most faculty desired in a relatively simply feature.

Am I alone on this? If so, I'll take my lumps and be quiet....

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Community Team
Community Team

rgibson1, I'm with you--and for many years now, I've been importing my announcements every semester into a standalone sandbox course and copying-and-pasting them over to the live courses as needed, because I want to make absolutely positively sure that the most recent announcement is firmly pressed against the top and that those students who have set their notifications to receive new announcements get those notifications. In other words, there's nothing automated about my announcement process.

I would love to be able to "pin" an announcement to the top of the announcements list. And, as you may know, I was the proponent of this now-archived Feature Idea: . On the bright side, this other one's in the "gathering info" stage: , and  @peytoncraighill  has promised to update us on it.

But should your question indeed be a question, or should it be a discussion instead? I wouldn't say there's a right or wrong answer on this. I'd be happy to change it to a discussion so that it remains open-ended. And, should it even be here in the Find Answers space--or should it be in the Canvas Feature Ideas​ space instead, perhaps as a continuation of the conversation surrounding the aforementioned ​ request?

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hey there, rgibson1​...

It sounds like you should maybe re-post this as a Canvas Feature Idea.  Feature Idea here in the Canvas Community.  I did some searching for previous Feature Ideas, and most of them that came close to what you describe here have been archived because they didn't get enough votes (some didn't get any votes at all, unfortunately).  I found this Feature Idea, , but I'm not sure if it's real close to what you've said here.  It seems to me to be a bit different.

Jinx,  @chofer ​... :smileysilly:

Smiley Wink Wow...posted at the same minute!

Community Champion

It's been discussed and suggested to death, Chris. There's some 'design' behind it that I'll never understand. I find it breathtaking that the community is content with that workflow. Why not a green cloud like everywhere else? I digress...

Community Coach
Community Coach

rgibson1​, since (unfortunately) there is no right answer for this, I'm going to switch this over to a discussion rather than a question so that way the conversation can be continued... Smiley Wink

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In agreement.  I just discovered that students can see all my old imported announcements.  It's just plain frustrating and stupid.   Simply need a "hide" and "resend" button.

Community Champion

Hey, Elson. I agree for sure. While this feature request has become part of a bigger project, I urge you to add your voice here in the hopes that we can bring the priority up a notch on announcements: ​.

New Member

We just transitioned to Canvas from D2L and what a nice surprise to discover that I can't just "hide" my old announcements. 

I noticed on the web that this was an issue in 2015, but still not fixed in 2017. Smiley Sad   Fun.