Announcements not appearing on to-do list/emails

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For one of my classes on Canvas, announcements are not showing up on the To-Do list, neither am I receiving email notifications. I have checked the notification settings and they all look perfectly fine with announcement notifications on, both for the account and for the class. I have also checked the spam, trash, and archives of my email and they do not show up there.


For what it's worth, these are my notification settings, the first being my overall notification settings and the second being the class notification settings (and the top slider for the class is set to "On").

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Community Coach

Thank you for including those screenshots, @YMatt. You've already thought of the first two places I was going to suggest you look inside Canvas and the next three places outside of Canvas. One thing I did notice that you do not have the setting to receive notifications for announcements created by you. I like to turn that on for classes that I teach -- it helps keep me on schedule too!

Notifications settings for announcementsNotifications settings for announcements

The To Do list should include announcements along with other items, but there is a limit to the number of items that appear on the Dashboard sidebar by default. There is a link to show all items.

If you are looking for announcements in courses where you are enrolled as a student, please contact your local IT support team. It's possible that those emails are being interdicted by your email system. One way to test this is to add another email address to your profile, give it the same notification settings, and test.

I'm going to mark this reply as a solution as it provides a couple of different ways to resolve the issue that might help our colleagues with similar issues. If these do not work for you, please share the results and unmark this response as a solution.

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