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Announcements pushed from Master/Bluprint course > Email notification

Hi everyone, let me preface this by saying I have a good understanding of the difference between course notifications and canvas notifications.

I also have a good understanding of blueprint courses and their associated courses.

If I create an announcement in a course, the students who have email notifications set receive the announcement as well as an email notification. No problems there.

However, if I create an announcement in a Blueprint course and sync that course, the announcement is pushed to the associated courses as expected, however students do not receive an email as they do as expressed in the previous paragraph.

Is there a way to create announcements in a blueprint course so that students receive the announcement in the email as well as on the canvas course homepage? (I am aware of the additional core settings and checkbox to see announcements on the homepage.)

Thank you, look forward to a solution from the collective!

John (K-12 Australian school)


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