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Sometimes I post announcements which are not to be made visible to students immediately.  I would like these to appear 'greyed out' or a different colour (on my list) until they are visible.  This would assist me greatly, as I would not have to open the announcement to see which is available or not.  How can I do this?

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Hi  @karima_mohammed 

Unfortunately, I don't think there is currently a way to do this with announcements.  However, you may want to create a feature idea as other users might have a similar desire to see variations in unpublished announcements.  Here is how to create a new feature idea: How do I create a new feature idea?

Good Luck!


Hi  @karima_mohammed ​,

I came across this feature idea for the option to unpublish and publish announcements that could potentially work for you. Last month, the product manager provided the following update:

"Quick update: This idea has been added to part of a larger Announcements enhancements effort, which is second in communications priority to Conversations (i.e., Inbox) enhancements. We are in the process of capacity planning for 2016, so stay tuned for additional updates."

Although the feature idea is now archived, I encourage you to follow and share your feedback on that thread for future planning. Smiley Happy

Hope this helps!