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Anonymous grade book

I wondered if anyone has found a solution to make marking completely anonymous in grade book? At the moment the assessment column hides the grade when anonymous but the grade still shows in the assignment group column.


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Community Team
Community Team

Hi Jonathan,

Are you asking if it is possible to hide grades from students entirely?

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Hi Scott,

No, I was trying to stop the grade showing next to the student in gradebook

for teachers during the marking period. At the moment showing the name and

grade together is bypassing our attempt to have anonymous grading.



On Fri, 17 Jan 2020 at 23:27, <>

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This has been a persistent problem for us too, and I believe that Canvas are working on this.  Last year the ability to "message students who..." was turned off (with the depreciation of the classic gradebook) and this has left us in a bit of a quandary.  We would like anonymous marking to be implemented more robustly, by ensuring that grades assigned to anonymous assignments are not calculated in assignment group totals.  However, we would at that point lose the only method we have for identifying students who are either suspected of poor academic practice (and need to be contacted so that alleged plagiarism can be investigated) or have missed the due date for an assignment (so that they can be contacted and reminded of the late submission date).  These may sound like quite "minor" issues compared to the bigger picture of anonymous grading.  However, they reflect legal requirements in the first instance and play an important role in our duty of care to students in the second.  While we are on this subject another issue that compromises anonymity, or did last time I checked, is that if you re-upload scripts to speedgrader the student names are revealed at that point.  Just a fun fact.  

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It seems to me that this is a good solution for those who do not want to show their success to other students, this will help to avoid unnecessary questionsI love that students can anonymously use quotes from books or ipigraphs from great writers. The main nuance is the use of the author's note

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The internal organization 5 5 ways to write quickly includes the fact that everything shared over the internet is fully recorded. If you want to remain anonymous, what else I can recommend is that you talk to your teacher and ask if there is a possibility that you send by email. In this way, only you and he know your final grade.