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Any Canvas users going to Synergy User Conference in Anaheim Nov 5-6?

Are any Canvas admins or schools planning to attend the Synergy (SIS) user conference in Anaheim on November 5 and 6?

If you are and would like to connect or benchmark Canvas experiences, please feel free to call or text.

Joe Allen

Howard County Public School System

55k students, K-12

mobile phone 240-315-6411

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello  @joseph_allen ​...

It seems like this question would be better suited for the Conferences and Events group here in the Canvas Community.  Would it be okay with you if I moved this topic to that group?

Hi  @joseph_allen 

Along with Chris' suggestion, you may also want to post this to the group that is for Canvas Admins or the one for K-12  to get more traffic.

Hope the conference is wonderful and I hope you are able to connect with the all the right people.

Community Coach
Community Coach

 @joseph_allen ​...

Since this event is now in the past, I am going to move it over to the Conferences and Events​ group here in the Canvas Community.  Also, because the question does not have a "correct" answer, I am going to change it to a discussion.  People will still be able to comment here (for example, if they went to the conference and wanted to post feedback).  Hope this helps!