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Any known issues between Microsoft Edge browser and Canvas?

I found this discussion from July-Sept 2015: Any information about Microsoft 10 & Spartan compatibility with Canvas?

as well as this question posted April 26 (2016): Detecting the Edge Browser

and am wondering if there is any more recent information, please,

about how this browser is working, or not, with Canvas.

So far, we know of one faculty who has tried working in Canvas via MS Edge v13 and experienced:

"When I go to upload a new file the "gear wheel" simply spins and spins after I hit upload - failing to embed in my information page.

I have discovered a work around by hitting "save" while the gear wheel is spinning: this saves the file to my course files.

I then have to go to course files to embed the file into my information page.

[...] I am not certain if this is due to new browsers from Micro soft, or what the deal is but it has not been fun..."

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Thank you for your time and help with this.

Bridget Irish

Curricular Tech Support to Faculty

The Evergreen State College

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Community Coach
Community Coach

irishb​, I don't know if we have specific things that are working funny with Edge & Canvas, but in general we have had reports of students experiencing buttons not showing up and assignments not submitting. This is why we continue to say no IE and no Edge in regards to supported browsers to use with Canvas.

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We are experiencing a similar issue with Edge. In one assignment, the student was able to submit but it did as described above on the other.

I was helping the student troubleshoot the issue and the User Agent in Page Views showed the student was using Chrome 46. I was talking to her about updating what I thought was Chrome. After remoting into her computer I was surprised to learn she was actually using Edge. The access logs are showing incorrectly and I verified it with 2 different students.

Once the student installed Chrome she was able to submit.

Community Champion

Yes, there is an issue with IE 11 and MS Edge that is preventing student submissions from going through correctly.

Yes, these browsers are listed in this guide: Which browsers does Canvas support?

Yes, Edge is showing up as Chrome 46 in the User Agent column of Page Views. You can hover over the info or Inspect Element to ascertain if Edge was being used.

Yes, this is the worst case scenario for an admin, the product they support may have impacted student grades negatively.

From an institutional stand-point, since these browsers were listed as supported, even though we strongly recommend students use Chrome, this is a failure of the LMS. I wish it wasn't since this is really the fault of Microsoft, but since it was listed as a supported browser there's not a lot I can do to argue against those who say it is Canvas' fault.

Also, this issue was reported to us by Canvas Support as early as February 28th. It looks like now we are going to need to go back and identify every student who did not successfully submit something this semester who was using either IE 11 or MS Edge and try to take corrective action to ensure their grade was not impacted by the failure of our technology.

Meanwhile, we've added this Global Announcement to try and head off any future issues:

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 1.00.12 PM.png

At this point I'm curious what is actually meant by supported and why these two web browsers are listed as supported.

Community Team
Community Team

Has anyone submitted a support ticket on this.  If so, can you share the ticket number so that it can be referenced in future submissions.  Thank you.

Case #01346325 is mine. I'm currently waiting on a report to try and get an idea how many and which students may have been affected by this issue over the course of the semester.

Community Champion

I have noticed when a student is having problems with an assignment submission and clicks the Help link and reports the problem, I check the "HTTP_USER_AGENT" in the HTTP Environment area of the case; I have seen Chrome 46 listed, but if I look a bit further, it will then list Edge.



However, when I check the student's Page Views in Canvas, all it shows is Chrome 46.0.

This does get very confusing!

Community Champion

We've had trouble with LTIs in Internet Explorer (any version) and Edge. Officially, we don't say Edge is unsupported, we just don't mention it at all. Internet Explorer, on the other hand, also have a fatal flaw in its handling of new windows launched via JavaScript. Since IE (all versions) does not send referrer data with JavaScript-opened windows, and that's exactly how Canvas launches them, we have completely dropped our support of IE.

Community Contributor

It's disappointing that student view is not accurately showing Edge as the user agent - wondering if that can be addressed at some point. We had a de-facto policy of steering users away from Explorer/Edge but I think that policy may become more formalized unless these issues are addressed soon.

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With Microsoft Edge, images embedded in PDF files disappear.  With Internet Explorer 11, things are fine.