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Any known issues between Microsoft Edge browser and Canvas?

I found this discussion from July-Sept 2015: Any information about Microsoft 10 & Spartan compatibility with Canvas?

as well as this question posted April 26 (2016): Detecting the Edge Browser

and am wondering if there is any more recent information, please,

about how this browser is working, or not, with Canvas.

So far, we know of one faculty who has tried working in Canvas via MS Edge v13 and experienced:

"When I go to upload a new file the "gear wheel" simply spins and spins after I hit upload - failing to embed in my information page.

I have discovered a work around by hitting "save" while the gear wheel is spinning: this saves the file to my course files.

I then have to go to course files to embed the file into my information page.

[...] I am not certain if this is due to new browsers from Micro soft, or what the deal is but it has not been fun..."

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Thank you for your time and help with this.

Bridget Irish

Curricular Tech Support to Faculty

The Evergreen State College

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This thread's been around for a bit so I just want to verify - are you all still seeing issues with Edge? I'm hearing about intermittent "I clicked 'Submit Assignment' but my submission never went through" problems but we can't consistently replicate. I can pass a ticket to Canvas Support but historically I haven't seen much action on issues that can't be replicated (reasonably so, I think).

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Hello, Emily Hunt:

As a new user of Canvas, the issue I noticed is that, when I use Edge to reach Canvas, and I try to review the course Syllabus that I had uploaded as a PDF file to a Canvas Files folder, JPG images that I had embedded in the PDF file do not appear.

Yet if I use Internet Explorer 11 to reach Canvas, the Syllabus PDF file looks fine, including embedded images.

Leslie Asher

Professor, Computer Science

Diablo Valley College

321 Golf Club Rd.

Pleasant Hill, CA 94523<>

Emily - I submitted a ticket to Canvas today about students unable to submit assignments using Microsoft Edge for their browser. Canvas responded with this message, "There is currently an issue with that browser, that Microsoft is working to resolve. I would recommend that they download Google Chrome as their browser. After they have done that, their assignments should submit with no issue."

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Yes - some students using Edge are having issues uploading assignment files.  One of my students had this issue last week and today I learned of another who was quite distraught over the issue as she wasn't able to submit the file and was assigned a zero.  Some students don't think to call support or to try a different browser.

Below is the copy I received from support for my student, dated 8/19 - Case #01468082:


Thank you for contacting Canvas Support. I understand that you are having issues uploading your "Module 7". Looking over some additional information I can see that you have been using Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer web browsers. There is a current issue where those browsers will list Canvas as a untrusted website, and not allow file uploads. Some users have been able to go in, and add Canvas as a trusted website in Internet Explorer. That being said I have also had many users report that they are still unable to submit it after doing that. The easiest work around is using another browser such as Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox until this issue is fixed. That being said I can see that you had accessed that assignment page multiple times before the due date. I have also CC your instructor in this email so he is aware of the issue. Once you use another browser you should be able to submit the assignment. If you have any additional questions feel free to contact us.


I am wondering if the interface should toss up a banner if an Edge / IE user tries to click the upload/ submit button.  Perhaps if the upload fails they can get a note on the screen asking them to call support?  Other ideas?


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Thank you  @Jeff_F ​.  Below is what one of our students received from Instructure support, case #01372193.  It was back on June 2, 2016. I was hoping that by now this issue would be resolved but it seems like it's still a problem.

This is a follow-up to our call earlier. You called Canvas Support today because you received a notification today from your instructor informing you that you had missed a submission for an assignment in their course. After reviewing the issue we found in your page views that you had done everything correctly to submit your assignment but the submission did not go through. I then found that you were using the Microsoft Edge browser which is currently experiencing an issue where it will not allow files to upload into Canvas, including assignment submissions. Because of this issue, that you were unaware of, you thought that you had submitted your work, causing you to miss your assignment submission. I have CC'd your instructor on this email to make them aware of this issue. If you come across this issue again or have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to give us a call or email us at

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images added to MS Word docs dont seem to come through when viewing those docs with the Box image previewer and the Edge web browser.  image below will illustrate - FireFox is on the left, Edge is on the right.  Has anyone else run into this?  Is there a fix we can suggest to our IT department (for our campus lab computers)?

215882_EdgeNotCorrectlyPreviewingCanvas Documents.png

Joking/not joking - don't use Edge.

We've had our IT people hide Edge/IE on all campus computers and only have Firefox and Chrome easily visible/available on the desktop.

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Our IT dept. seems to insist on using Edge and Explorer, though we have been able to convince them to include FireFox... how did you get yours to accept Chrome - really all that we need.

Our IT director is rationale and willing to listen to the needs of the education side of the house. Also doesn't hurt that he's married to a college faculty member that teachers online and is a member of our online taskforce. 😉

Community Champion

Yep!  Thinning the herd surely helps reduce the variables at play.   This was my exact recommendation.

But if these issues with IE/ Edge are sufficient enough it would be useful for Canvas were to look into removing this browser from the supported browser page.  Then we would be able to say Chrome/ Firefox/Safari are *required* vs. recommended.  Which browsers does Canvas support?   Or at least reorder the list so IE/ Edge are toward the bottom.  How about alphabetical?  (yes, I've thought a tad too much about this...)

  • Chrome 55 and 56
  • Firefox 50 and 51 (Extended Releases are not supported)
  • Internet Explorer 11 and Edge (Windows only—please make sure your operating system is also current as noted in the computer specifications lesson; you may need to download the Windows 10 Anniversary Update to submit Canvas assignments)
  • Safari 9 and 10 (Macintosh only)
  • Flash 22 and 23 (used for recording or viewing audio/video and uploading files)
  • Respondus Lockdown Browser (supporting the latest system requirements)

I must say though that since we communicated the requirement to update Windows and thus the version of Edge the problems have been fewer.