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Anyone Using Outcomes???

I'm hoping to connect with someone at an institution who has been using Outcomes for program standards?

Also someone who might be using Outcomes for institutional standards for WASC or NEASC or some other regional accreditation body?

As we are beginning the transition to Canvas on our own campus, and have been playing around a little bit with Outcomes, but would appreciate the opportunity to chat with someone who has been using it.

Thanks in advance for any leads...


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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @michael_barbour , I don't have a lot of personal experience with outcomes, but I've shared your post with some specific groups in the Community that might provide some insight. In addition, I'd recommend reviewing some of the #InstructureCon sessions from past years. I know they always have sessions on Outcome and you might find something useful watching these. 

InstCon 2018

InstructureCon 2017 - YouTube 

InstructureCon 2016 - YouTube

Hope this helps! Kona

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Thanks for forwarding this query along  @kona ‌!!!

I attended all of the Outcome sessions I was able to get on my schedule in 2017 and 2018, but will definitely check out the 2016 ones.


Community Participant

Pardon my chiming in rather late, but if the goal is to use Canvas to report on learning outcomes assessment to inform standard 2A of the ACCJC standards (the two year division of WASC), then there is an excellent series of videos done on assessment by Kansas State University:

Based on their work, our institution loaded course level learning outcomes into the outcomes for the institution (a Canvas admin will have to do this, these can be uploaded using a CSV file). Faculty would need to be trained to incorporate course level learning outcomes from the institutional bank into rubrics and use those rubrics to mark at least one if not more assignments. A Canvas admin can run the Outcomes Results report and the CSV file can then be linked post-export to dimension tables with SIS data, program, and institutional outcomes in a Business Intelligence tool such as PowerBI or Tableau. Demonstration of concept at the college here was actually done using Google Data Studio.

This provides a powerful pathway to close the assessment loop. The resulting dashboards can be used by administration and faculty to explore assessment results as required by standard 2A of the ACCJC standards.