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Anyone else seeing black-colored hyperlinks while in the RCE?

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Perhaps I missed something on the latest Release Notes, though I double-checked things.  I started seeing this yesterday, and just got my first faculty email on it. On my campus, at least, while editing anything with a link in the RCE, what used to be a blue-colored hyperlink while editing it is now colored black.  Here is an example, with my cursor over the link so that you can see that Canvas does, indeed, treat this as a link with the familiar underlining:Editing a hyperlink in RCE

I know my aged memory is failing, but as I recall from doing numerous workshops even while editing something, once the link was created it turned blue.  Now, to be absolutely clear, it does turn blue, but only after the faculty member SAVES the page:

252306_saved page.jpg

While this is hardly a show-stopper, it is annoying for faculty who want to make sure that their link was properly accepted while editing.  They were all used to seeing blue while editing, but that seems to have been removed now in the RCE.

So, before I make a polite inquiry to Canvas support, is anyone else seeing this behavior?

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Ugh, this really breaks usability. Would love to see colored links returned to the editor.

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I filed a support ticket with Canvas. They're aware of it and the fix is going live October 7!  Here's what they said:

Hello, We've deployed a fix for this issue in our Beta environment. If all goes well, it will make it to the live Production environment on October 7, 2017. This ticket will remain in an "On-Hold" status until then. Admins and instructors: Feel free to try out the fix if you have time. As a reminder, your normal login should get you into Beta if you simply add ".beta" to your institution's Canvas URL (i.e. ""). Keep in mind that the Beta environment has outbound notifications disabled (it's for testing only). Apologies to any students who are receiving this message; testing in Beta is most often disabled for students at various institutions. However, rest assured that we are working to have this issue addressed soon. We will notify you of any changes to the status of this fix. We appreciate your time and attention - if you have any questions about this message or this fix, please feel free to contact Support. Keep Learning! Support Panda Notifier of Things

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Just saw this now  @awolfe ‌!  Thank you so much for the update and it's good to hear that Instructure is aware of the issue.  I got sidetracked and was never able to submit my own case (which goes first through our IT, anyway--so I don't have direct access to Service Cloud.)


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Am I understanding correctly that for some, a) links are black instead of blue, and for others, b) links are not underlined at all except when one hovers? The latter is true for our instance.

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I'm seeing both of the things you mention here.

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I thought I was going crazy(er).  Glad to see this is getting fixed "soon"

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Thanks for posting this Alex! Looking forward to the fix.

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It's baaaaaaaa-aaaaaaack. Filing a ticket now.

I'm seeing the "linked text is black (like surrounding text) in the RCE, and when you hover you see it underlined". Saving viewing as page it's all good, just in the editing mode.

For now - I've turned on the high contrast UI b/c it will atleast underline things in the RCE.

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Good to see its fixed now.

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I am going to re-open this thread.  The blue that has been used for a few years now is really not a good choice, as it very close to the black lettering.  One instructor here at Cornell pointed it out and I agree that a brighter blue in the RCE would be even easier to spot links when not hovering over them (which underlines them to show they are indeed links).
Instructure Admins: Can you please see if you can change the blue color to improve the contrast with the black lettering?

Thank you,