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Apex learning integration with Canvas

Hi, our district just set us up to have access to APEX through Canvas. Right now APEX is made available through the course Navigations. However when I click on the APEX link in the course menu it just takes me to the webpage. Is that the extent of the integration? A link to the APEX webpage? Or is there a way to connect one of my APEX courses and the students registered, along with their quiz scores etc, into my Canvas course? I'm so confused.


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Community Coach

Hello @ajahan ...

Full disclosure, I've never used the Apex Learning software...nor do I know anything about the LTI integration with Canvas.  But, I assume that you are referring to this: Apex Learning.  Since Apex Learning is a third-party integration, I would actually recommend that you reach out to the Apex Learning tech support they would be able to tell you more about what you should expect to see once it has been integrated into your school's Canvas environment.  It looks like they have a link to their website and a link to their support e-mail address on the site that I gave you.  I hope this helps.  Take care, stay safe, and be well.