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Arc: Embed or Copy?

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone had some more expert information for us. We are making the move over to Canvas but a few people (in particular our Library staff) who have concerns over how Arc is handling video.

Could anyone possibly confirm if it is only embedding the video into Arc and displaying or if is creating a copy and uploading to Arc as it's on instance of the video file? 

There are implications of breach of copyright if it is creating it's own copy of the video... however, we can't seem to find any information on what the actual process is behind the scenes.

Thanks for your knowledge! 


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If you embed/link the video from YouTube it will not be saved to Arc as well but only displaying it from the external source. 

Any discussions, bookmarks or comments will be saved to your Arc library in Canvas and will only be accessible for participants with enrollments to a specific course or that are meant to see the content. 

This also applies for embedding a video from Arc into a course. 

As far as I can see from our Arc instance it doesn't open for embedding from sources other than YouTube.
Hope this helps Smiley Happy